• 3+1, 7+1  Internship Enriched Curriculum Framework·        
  • Student Centered Education & Training·        
  • Strong Academic Infrastructure·        
  • Internationally Recognised Quality Assurance

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself ". Educational philosophy of the Famous educational scientist John Dewey is also the foundation of our university’s educational philosophy and unique education teaching model.  We want our students to associate what they have learned in university with those in real life, to be able to apply what they have learned and to be in real life in the course of their education. For this reason, as part of our education and training programs, internship is compulsory in our curriculum.

Our students spend at least one semester in a workplace operating in their field. We implement the model of 7 plus 1 semester internship for our bachelor’s degree programs, 6 plus 2 semester internship for our four-year high school programs, 3 plus 1 semester internship for vocational degree programs and we'll make sure that our students are at work for at least one semester. Internship process is being managed by the Internship Coordination Unit of the University.

Quality, excellence and sustainability are very important for our university. Beykoz University provides "International Quality Assurance" to all students with a curriculum program in harmony with international universities and at comparable quality.

"Student-Focused Education" is an important building block of our education and training model. Teaching students how to learn, ensuring that Beykoz University is also a continuous learning institution, researching, developing and innovation are under assurance of our strong academic staff. In 2017-2018 academic year, our new departments and 70 new lecturers have strengthened our academic standing. Our campuses are always open for you to meet them.

  • Competency Development Program
  • Academic Counseling and Career Planning
  • Comprehensive Personal Development Programs and Activities
  • Success Follow-Up System
  • Certificate of Competency Development
  • Europass European Passport
  • Alumni Follow-up and Support System
  • Lifelong Learning Support

The rapidly developing and changing business world and social needs have made it necessary for all students to develop themselves individually outside learning areas. Our university offer unique education and support its students to gain competencies such as leadership, entrepreneurship, innovativeness, written and oral communication skills, social responsibility, effective and productive work with others, etc., expressed as 21st century competencies.  Our students' competencies, which are open for improvement, are defined in the beginning of their education life and the areas to be improved are supported by "Competence Development Program" and "Personal Development" Programs. " Certificate of Competency Development" is given to our students, which shows their level of competence, along with their diplomas.

Implementation of Academic Counseling and Success Follow-Up Systems enable us to determine the competencies of students that need to be supported. Our graduates are also followed by our university in their business life and our Career Center takes their side when support is needed. With Lifelong Learning Support Programs, our students can improve themselves in the areas they need and have a certificate.

  • Education Closely Linked with the Business World
  • Participation of Students in Research Projects 
  • Well equipped Laboratories and Workshops
  • At least 1 semester Internship

Business organizations and institutions are the main stakeholders of our university. The vast majority of our Board of Trustees consists of successful managers of the business world. Within the context of our advisory boards formed at the level of universities, faculties and programs there are also distinguished representatives of the business world and they contribute to the creation of curriculum in line with the needs and expectations of the business world.

Our students improve their skills and strengthen their employment opportunities during their education and training with well-equipped laboratory and workshop facilities with internship in their fields at least for 1 semester by attending in researches and projects in which our university gets involved in.

  • Informatics Literacy
  • Big Data Research Tecniques
  • Mobile Technologies
  • E-learning
  • Maker Culture

Usage of Advanced Technology is one of building blocks of Beykoz University's teaching and learning approach. Reaching the exact information from data depending on the rapid development of communication and information technologies, evaluating these data and producing solutions is a competency that our students in all departments acquire.

In order to solve the real life problems, our students are given the ability of reaching information, accessing information from different sources, identifying strategies and methods for how information can be obtained and interpreting these information.

Thanks to this strategy and method finding phenomenon we teach to our students, our students are always encouraged to participate to “maker movement” that combines “technology” and “do it yourself” culture, which is spreading far and wide all around the world, as well as transitioning from consumption to production, from memorized knowledge to experience and not setting limits to their dreams.

Our students, after their education at our university, have the chance to continue their lifelong education by means of distance learning methods which are developed with technology today, to access to learning materials and to determine the speed and intensity of learning in terms of their priorities.

  • Multinational Multicultural Campus and Classroom Environment
  • International Exchange Programs
  • At Least One Semester Study Abroad
  • Internship Abroad
  • Joint/Dual Degree Programs with Overseas Universities

Beykoz University provides a multicultural, international environment with foreign students while offering international opportunities and recognition to its students through partnerships and collaborations that it has developed with other countries.

Acquisition of learning in all the programs of our university and the lessons associated with these acquisitions, are associated with European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework. After graduation, our students receive Diploma Supplement, which is one of the Bologna Process requirements that aims to create the European Higher Education Area, in which our country also participates, and "EuroPass" certificate, which makes the skills and the competences of European citizens clear and comprehensible. These documents, given in addition to the diploma, help the related institutions and organizations in recognizing diplomas and grades of Beykoz University graduates abroad.

With its international exchange programs and bilateral agreements, our university  offers its students the opportunities of studying abroad one or two semesters, and also provides  opportunity of internship abroad, degree completion and joint degree.