When the students who receive education at our university complete 120 ECTS of credits for associate programs, 240 ECTS of credits for bachelor programs, 90 ECTS of credits for non-thesis master programs and 120 ECTS of credits for master programs with thesis successfully and fulfill other required graduation conditions, they acquire the right to have the diploma whose sample presented below in their programs. For detailed information, see: Beykoz University Bachelor and Associate Education Regulation and Beykoz University Graduate Education Regulation. 

The diplomas given by our university can be verified from Diploma data base. You can access the Verification Screen from “Diploma Verification” link.


Diploma Sample (Associate) A


Diploma AKTS





Diploma Supplement (DS), is a certificate given along with the higher education diploma which describes the level, content and knowledge, skill and competences the graduates acquire within this scope of the education received in a format whose standards are determined by European Commission and UNESCO/CEPES. DS completes the information on the diplomas by making the education received by the students more understandable by the employers, the establishments and the institutions outside the country it is given. 

Diploma Supplement is one of the documents which came to existence in the studies of European Higher Education Area and one of the Europass documents, helps the university students in introducing the education they receive to the systems of other countries and education, and at the same time, provides detailed information about the academic degree, level, content and professional qualifications that the graduate acquires.

Benefits of Diploma Supplement;

  • Having a more easily understood and compared diploma abroad,
  • It involves a perfect definition of the qualifications the student acquires during his/her academic development and learning,
  • An impartial statement on the student’s achievement and qualifications,
  • It enables an easier access to job opportunities or advanced overseas education means,
  • It supports being able to be employed.

Benefits of Diploma Supplement for Higher Education Institutions

  • It increases transparency of the qualifications by enabling the academic and professional recognition,
  • While presenting a common framework accepted all around Europe, it also protects national and institutional autonomy at the same time,
  • It enables the evaluation of the qualifications acquired by comprehending them in a different educational context easily,
  • It enables more recognition of the institution abroad,
  • It makes the employment of the graduates on national and international level easier,
  • In terms of the content and the recognition of the diplomas, it enables answering many questions from the administrative units of the institutions and saves time.

For further info on Diploma Supplement you can visit “Vocational Qualifications Institution” page.

Diploma supplement is given to the students who complete our university’s education programs successfully and graduate besides their diploma in English and it is free of charge.





In order to enable comprehension of the qualifications transparently in an open and easy way and increase employment of the graduates and students accordingly, EUROPASS (European Passport) was constituted by European Parliament and Council with the Decision number: 2241/2004/EC dated 15 December 2004.

Europass documents are constituted by 4 pieces of documents open to the voluntary usage of the graduates or the students who wish to attend a European Union level education program or looking for jobs and aim to help for explaining their characteristics and qualifications in a better way. They are; Diploma Supplement, Europass CV, Certificate Supplement and Europass Mobility.


  • It helps the persons to express their skills and qualifications while they are looking for jobs or education in an efficient way.
  • It helps the employers to comprehend the skills and workforce in a better way.
  • It helps the education authorities to define and express the content of the curriculum.

Turkey National Europass Center is Vocational Qualifications Institution. You can visit "Europass" page for further information.